is that?? Just another shopping portal again! I reckon you have the same
questions. I understand that it’s straight from the Heart. YES, it is straight from the heart of the regional
Indian Craftsmen and Artisans and NO, it’s just not another shopping website. It is a place where the
rural India comes together, where they could promote their exceptionally brilliant authentic work.
Why we are here? Or Why us? We wanted all the craftsmen, who have so much potential for handicraft,
art-work, handloom, karigari, carvings (and much more in queue to mention), who cannot sell their art
to the global market, could come along and advertise their ART.
A lot of new shopping sites and portals come up these days but how are we in for long? We are a team
of young entrepreneurs and we are here for a long run. We provide you with the best authentic
products.. Yes! You heard me right, we just don’t claim to have genuine products rather we have articles
which are government authenticated.
How hard it is for some of us to head out, whether we are doctors, teachers, professors, lawyers, stay
home mums or professionals working with other time-zones. We just don’t get time or should I say a
chance to head out. So to make it all easy for you we are here at click of a button or touch of your
We are a one-stop shop for all your special finds be it for yourself or for gifting handicrafts or god idols
to someone important. We can cater your demands of sarees, dress materials, handicraft, spices, rugs,
bedsheets, quilts and much more. From small occasion to big ones, we have it all covered for you.
We have a wide variety of Sarees, starting from Madhya Pradesh’s specialty of Kosa Silk, Chanderi Silk to
Manipur’s special Manipuri Cotton or Silk sarees. A huge range of Bell Metal, God Idols, state specific
handicraft and artifacts to paintings and head masks are also available with us. Spices are something
that we use in our house on daily basis; you can find the right spices and masale from the states itself.
The aroma is so divine that it makes you feel that you know your spices.
Our belief is to have fair trade in all aspects with affirmative action’s and upholding dignity of every
individual connected to us. We believe in making your informative shopping experience truly amazing
and easy. Visit us, like what you buy and spread the happiness around.